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"You cannot love a car the way you love a horse. The horse brings out human feelings the way machines cannot do." -Albert Einstein

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Questions
How long will it take?
Tips on photographing

General Questions

What do you do?
We hand paint portraits of animals on porcelain.
How does this work?
You send us pictures and we will paint the subject on whichever application of porcelain you select.
Do you work from photographs?
Yes. This is why we ask for good detailed photos. If your photo doesn't really look like the subject, your portrait won't either.


Do I pay up front?
Yes. After we have discussed what is desired and have approved the order.
What are the different ways I can pay for it?
Credit card payments may be made via PayPal (send to CapturedSpiritStudios@gmail.com).
Check or Money Order may be mailed to us. Click here for Contact Information.
How much does it cost?
Please visit our pricing page.

How long will it take?

How much time does it normally take to complete an order?
Depending on factors such as the number of subjects, we like to normally allow four weeks.
When is the deadline for ordering a piece in time for Christmas?
Time is of the essense. If you want to be sure to have something done in time for x-mas, then be sure to commission the work well ahead of time. You should try to allow for 4 to 8 weeks before Christmas.


What animals will you paint?
As you might see from our gallery, we specialize in painting horses, dogs, and cats. But we certainly can paint other things as well. We are open to requests, so simply contact us and ask us if we can paint whatever it is you would like.
How many photos do you need?
Lots of them are welcome. We work from one main photo but like to have others to reference as we work.
Will the photos be returned?
Yes. They are returned along with the work of art they inspired.
Can I choose my favorite photo?
Yes. We prefer it. However it is possible we may not be able to use your favorite photo as a direct reference. You can also give details about the subject. i.e. correct color, eyes, good character, etc.
If I have more than one pet in a photo together can they both/all be painted?
Normally this is not preferred. We prefer separate clear photos. Although some photos with multiple subjects may be helpful so we can see the size relationship between them.
Can I email photos?
Yes. It's preferred in fact. But if they are to be used as a direct reference, then you must make it a priority to have a large, detailed image with high picture resolution. Mail to CapturedSpiritStudios@gmail.com
Can I send a CD with images?
Yes. Click here for Contact Information.

Tips on photographing

  • Try to take a lot of pictures. Yes we work from one main picture, but it is very helpful to have others to reference. The more photos there are for us to work with, the better the reference for us to see what the subject really looks like and come as close as possible in our recreation of it.
  • Take photos outside if possible. This allows for best lighting and judge of color. You may know about your pet's beautiful sheen but we may not see it under artificial lighting.
  • Try to take pictures at your pet's eye level, 3-4ft away. You may be able to use zoom for close detail or to fill the frame.
  • Take pictures with your pet looking slightly left or right (a "3/4 view"). Pictures straight on don't have the depth and tend to look flat.
  • Pay close attention to their eyes. They are the most important aspect. Without clear, open eyes, there will be no feeling of life within the subject. Again, take the photo outside, as this will avoid the flash in the pupil.
  • It's important to indicate correct color of coat and eyes. Specify which picture best represents your pet's color. Different pictures have different lighting.
  • Be still. A steady hand is key to eliminating blurry pictures. You could take a great shot, only to have it come out unclear. Consider using a stand for your camera.
  • Try using two people. One to take the picture and one to entice your pet to look his/her best.
  • If fur coat is black... Be sure to take the photo using natural light (outside). This will give more accurate detail than artificial light.
  • Be patient. It's not easy to take a great picture.
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